Plane Saver Credit Union launches Vivup benefits for 26,000+

In the first of its kind move, Plane Saver, one of the largest credit unions in the UK, has introduced a range of lifestyle, health and wellbeing benefits for its members and its employees. Now, in addition to savings accounts, affordable loans and financial tips, Plane Saver is providing its 26,000 members and 36 members of staff with Vivup benefits.

Plane Saver will be supporting individuals’ health and wellbeing, including social, mental, physical, spiritual and financial. In particular, the financial institution wanted to help alleviate the cost of living burden for employees and members. Now, each member and employee will be able to access over 1,150 ways to save money at popular retailers through discounted eGift cards, physical gift cards and discount codes. They’ll benefit from savings on everyday essentials such as grocery shopping as well as leisure activities like going to the cinema.

Alongside lifestyle savings, Vivup’s benefits platform also provides Your Care Wellbeing, 24/7 in the moment support and information, and an online GP focussing on proactive wellbeing and preventative services. Plane Saver members and employees can access expert advice any time of the day for issues ranging from debt advice, menopause, smoking cessation, domestic abuse to getting support with trauma, bullying or sleep.

They will receive:

  • Immediate access to employed counsellors should they need it
  • Access to secondary mental health support with clinicians at highest level of clinical accreditation (APPTS)
  • Early intervention, self-service and proactive wellness platform which includes assessments, recommendations and signposting to suitable treatment
  • Award-winning dedicated menopause support.

Rachel Downing, Head of Marketing & Business Development at Plane Saver Credit Union, explains: “Everyone in the UK is dealing with the rise in living costs. Being able to provide our members with benefits that save them an average of over £2,000 per year is over £160 a month back in their pocket that’s going to make a huge difference for them and their families. On top of this, with Vivup, we are supporting our members and employees with a full range of health and wellbeing benefits which is core to our values of decency, dignity and inclusivity”.

Simon Moyle, CEO of Vivup, adds: “This is such a groundbreaking initiative. Plane Saver is a financial institution that helps its members to think, plan and save. They’re now supporting their employees and thousands of members with their overall health and wellbeing. Normally, Vivup is in the business of helping engage employees, yet with this launch, we’re helping one of the largest credit unions in the UK to support health and wellbeing of members and employees”.

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About Plane Saver

Plane Saver was founded in 1993 by a group of British Airways Engineers. They wanted to provide a range of flexible savings and affordable loans to their colleagues. Now with over 25,500 members, it is one of the largest Credit Unions in the UK.

Over the last 30 years, Plane Saver has been dedicated to assisting people in managing their finances. As we have grown, we have embraced modern technology while preserving the essence of personalised service. We firmly believe that the human touch is what matters most when handling money matters, and this principle remains unchanged.

For more information, visit Plane Saver.


About Vivup

For 18 + years, Vivup has been providing world-class health and wellbeing benefits to employees across the public and private sectors while arming employers with the tools to cultivate resilient workforces, retain great staff and win the war on talent. Vivup partners with over 2,000 clients and supports 2.5 million+ employees throughout the UK.

Vivup was awarded UK Employer of the Year at the Investors in People Awards in 2022 and won Best Supplier to Work for at the Employee Benefits Awards in 2023. Simon Moyle, CEO was awarded UK Leader of the Year at the Investor in People Awards in 2022 and won Scale up Entrepreneur of the Year (North East) at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in 2023. Vivup has also just been awarded number one SME in the UK by Elite Business.