Dynamic plans unveiled for Penistone’s historic coal drops heritage site

A prominent family-run, Barnsley-based property and land company, has unveiled the highly anticipated next phase of development for Penistone’s coal drops, signal house, and former railway siding site.

With this next stage of the site’s transformative journey, Fairbank Investments is marking a significant moment in Penistone’s history, with the development promising an inspiring blend of heritage preservation and modern rejuvenation.

The company has revealed updated designs that present a blend of tradition and innovation. Available for viewing on Fairbank Investments official website, the renderings offer a compelling glimpse into the future, showcasing a meticulously crafted vision for the site’s revitalisation while honouring its rich historical legacy.

The new designs demonstrate how Fairbank Investments envisages how the coal drops and the land will look once fully transformed. The plans are subject to final approval.

Throughout the design process, Fairbank Investments has remained steadfast in its commitment to collaboration and community engagement. While continuing to work closely with local authorities and the community, the project team ensures that every aspect of the development aligns seamlessly with the needs and aspirations of the Penistone community.

Steeped in history, the coal drops site stands as a poignant reminder of Penistone’s industrial past. In recognition of its cultural significance, Fairbank Investments has embraced the opportunity to breathe new life into these iconic structures, preserving their heritage while welcoming a new era of prosperity.

Fairbank Investments has a proven track record of successful, sustainable development projects such as the former David Brown factory on Green Road in Penistone. The company revitalised the site after transforming it into a new business park with 15,000 sq ft of offices and a further 66,000 sq ft of warehouse space, creating new jobs and attracting multiple businesses to the area, prioritising eco-friendly design and building practices. The same meticulous design and sustainability ethos is also being applied to the coal drops development.

Addressing concerns regarding current access issues with grace and responsibility, Fairbank Investments remains fully committed to public safety. While construction and planning is underway, access to certain areas will be removed. However, alternate routes closeby will ensure that businesses along St Mary’s Street remain accessible to all.

Fairbank Investments will continue to work with the community and local authorities to ensure a secondary access upon completion of the works, reaffirming their commitment to responsible development practices.

Antony Green, Managing Director of Fairbank Investments, commented: “Our vision extends beyond bricks and mortar; it’s about creating a lasting legacy that enriches the fabric of Penistone’s identity. We’re honoured to play a role in shaping the future of this historic site.

“Working in tandem with local authorities and community groups, we pride ourselves on delivering positive, proactive development results and have demonstrated this repeatedly over many years of business success. We turned the redundant site at the old David Brown site in Penistone into the thriving Fairfield Business Park, generating employment and helping multiple start-up companies and we intend to do the same at the coal drops site. Our current development represents a bright new beginning for a site that without our investment and vision would have likely remained a permanent wasteland.”

Fairbank Investments updated site plan designs are available to view on the company’s website: https://www.fairbankinvestments.com/s-projects-side-by-side