Connectus Group Launches New Cybersecurity Package to Further Safeguard Clients

A LEADING tech firm has launched a new Cyber Essentials Package to further help safeguard clients in 2024.

The Connectus Group’s all-in-one offering covers cyber security audits, training, accreditations and a fully managed multilayer defence system.


In a further move to ensure their clients are better protected from cyber attacks, the tech-firm has taken the step of updating the mandated services it provides to customers.

This will see Connectus offer best in class services which offer cost effective protection at a “vital time”.


Explaining the motivation behind the move, Roy Shelton, the CEO of the Connectus Group said: “These changes come at a vital time because the risk of cyber-attacks is growing. Cybersecurity is no longer an office hours only requirement. With the rise of hybrid working and devices seemingly being “always on”, the biggest threats are happening during the night.

“We have partnered with Heimdal for a comprehensive 24/7/365 managed alerting service where your network will constantly have eyes on to make sure you are protected around the clock.”


Connectus’ Cyber Essentials package is a suite of technical controls that organisations should have in place to protect themselves against common online security threats.

It is a fully managed cyber security solution so that you can focus on running your business, safe in the knowledge that it is protected from the latest security threats.

Those who sign up will be secure in the face of common threats such as phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, password guessing, and network intrusion.

The package includes guidance to set scope, covering firewall and network controls, secure configuration, access controls, malware protection and patch management.


Also included is a review before submission for assessment, cyber insurance, free assessment and audit method.

Email support, certification, and a half-day of support are covered to ensure a smooth transition to a new secure future.


Data on the current threat landscape shows that 31% of all UK SMEs are attacked every week, and 65% of successful breaches result in a £10,000 cost to pay ransoms or fines and/or litigation or business disruption.

An astonishing 90% of SMEs receive phishing emails every week and human error means that 89% are successful.


The Connectus Cyber Essentials package is suitable for businesses of all sizes and demonstrates to your customers and suppliers your commitment to cyber security, as well as safeguarding against cyber attacks.

A Cyber Essentials certificate is required by all suppliers bidding for government contracts which involve handling of certain sensitive and personal information.

Connectus has introduced a limited offer of £675 to gain certification and, once obtained, customers can apply to upgrade to Cyber Essentials Plus and maintain their defences for just £99 per month.


Mr Shelton added: “This new 360 package is designed to provide the very best services to businesses of all sizes. Having proper cyber security measures in place is growing more important with each passing year. At Connectus our expert team is constantly updating the services we offer to meet the modern-day needs businesses require.”

For further details, visit, email, or telephone 0330 440 4848