Speakers Corner Secures B Corp Certification, Recognising its Commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility

London-based Speakers Corner has added another feather to its cap by securing B Corporation certification. This prestigious recognition underscores the company’s steadfast dedication to upholding high standards of social and environmental responsibility in the events and conference industry.

Earning B Corp status signifies Speakers Corner’s unwavering commitment to not only delivering exceptional events, but also operating as a business that prioritises positive social impact and environmental stewardship. This milestone solidifies Speakers Corner’s position as a leader in ethical and sustainable event solutions.

“We are immensely proud to have achieved B Corp status,” said Nick Gold, Managing Director at Speakers Corner. “This certification embodies our core values and underscores our ongoing commitment to drive positive change within the events industry. It’s a testament to our belief that events can be both impactful and responsible.”

Speakers Corner has consistently demonstrated its dedication to sustainability, community engagement, and fostering an inclusive work environment. Through various initiatives aimed at reducing their carbon footprint, supporting local communities, and advocating for social causes, Speakers Corner has set a benchmark for responsible corporate citizenship within the events sector.

Highlights of our efforts to becoming B Corp certified include:

  • Environmental: Increasing use of electric vehicles which do not produce CO2 emissions for logistical activity in the business means we have saved 1,160,631.92 grams of CO2 emissions.
  • Diversity: employing a diverse team with over 30% of our employees identify as being from a racial or ethnic minority, and almost 50% of our managers identify as women.
  • Employee well-being: all employees are paid above the living wage, plus there is a bonus scheme, and we offer monthly contributions to a health and well-being benefit scheme, as well as monitor and continuously improve our employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Knowledge sharing: we aim to impart and share the wisdom, experience, and expertise of some of the most brilliant minds and amazing people along with their stories to audiences globally through the power of the spoken word.

As a B Corp accredited business, Speakers Corner joins a global community of organisations committed to redefining success in business by balancing profit with purpose. By meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, Speakers Corner is at the forefront of transforming the events and conference landscape toward a more sustainable future.

The B Corp certification underscores Speakers Corner’s mission to curate exceptional event experiences for clients while championing positive change in the world.