Teekanne Celebrates 14 Years of Sustainable Manufacturing with Getac Rugged Solutions

  • High process efficiency through full utilization of all production capacities
  • Performance and reliability of Getac rugged laptops ensure smooth operations
  • Very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) achieved due to 14+ years device usage


Getac, a leading manufacturer of rugged computing solutions, has announced that Teekanne Group, a tea-maker, based in Dusseldorf, Germany is using its rugged devices as part of a sustainable IT solution. The Teekanne Group, founded in 1882, is a globally active, traditional family company that has been producing tea bags since 1954. The group runs one of the most modern tea manufacturing sites in Europe, producing, packing and distributing up to 3.2 billion tea bags per year.

Getac and the Teekanne Group have marked the 14th anniversary of their successful technology partnership, delivering sustainable manufacturing solutions all along Teekanne’s production lines. Teekanne first began using Getac’s rugged devices in 2009, when it selected the Getac S400 semi-rugged laptop as the cornerstone of its IT solution. The extensive range of interfaces and high compatibility for controlling older software and machines were just as significant in the choice of the S400  as its robustness and durability for all uses in production, maintenance and repair as well as logistics.

Since then, Getac’s S400 and its successor, the Getac S410, have proven themselves time and time again. The machines – even systems with different serial interfaces – can be controlled and connected securely, which ensures smooth processes without unnecessarily expensive machine stops. The Getac laptops support predictive maintenance, machine servicing, troubleshooting and programming. Maintenance can be planned rationally, thus reducing costs.

Production capacities continue to be fully utilised, including those of the older machines. Strong performance, user-friendly display that is always easy to read, durability and the high reliability of Getac rugged laptops have also paid off over the years.

The robust design, solid flip-up mechanism and user-friendly display of the S400 and S410 laptops guarantee stable, trouble-free operations at Teekanne even after more than a decade: in environments with ubiquitous tea dust, after drops, shocks or vibration. Due to the high performance and reliability of Getac laptops, Teekanne benefits from smooth operations and full utilisation of its valuable production capacity. This reduces costs and ensures customer satisfaction.

“We know from experience that consumer laptops don’t last long; quality has its price – and after 14 years we can see that the investment in the robust Getac laptop has more than paid off,” says Mehmet Agar in retrospect. “The devices still look like new today, and the introduction of the even lighter S410 further supports us in optimising processes. Our older special systems can be controlled perfectly with it and continue to be integrated into the production processes without restrictions.”

Eric Yeh, Managing Director at Getac, explains: “The long-standing use of Getac laptops at Teekanne is an impressive example of the durability, reliability and high robustness of our products. With the variety of interfaces, even the older but particularly production-relevant to Teekanne special plants can continue to operate without any problems – that’s what I call real sustainability!”


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