From startup to beyond: PaperCut Software celebrates 25 years of planet-saving print management

PaperCut Software is proud to announce its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter-century of crafting smart planet-saving print management software. Since its humble origins in 1998, PaperCut has grown to an industry-leading print management vendor, spending two and a half decades helping 100 million users from 100,000 organisations in 195 countries to minimise waste with a secure and easy printing experience. PaperCut calculates that to date its solutions have enabled customers to prevent 3.2B pages from being printed, which amounts to 386,391 trees saved over 25 years.

PaperCut’s founders’ shock at the amount of paper wasted through print drove the team to establish PaperCut in 1998 to help ensure more thoughtful and environmentally-friendly printing. The company’s solutions – which can scale to accommodate the needs of SMEs to large corporates – combined with its values, has seen it attract many customers in many sectors ranging from education to healthcare, local government, and legal; such is the trust in the brand, 1 in 3 schools in the U.K. already use PaperCut.

In its 25 years, the company has been witness to some of the major changes in print and the workplace; from the move from mono to colour devices, the emergence of the networked MFP, the transition to print in the cloud, and, most recently, the adoption of hybrid working models.

Reflecting on how the last quarter of a century has evolved, one of PaperCut’s founders and its CEO, Chris Dance, said: “It’s amazing to think that 25 years ago this little bit of software to help Parkdale Secondary College would grow into what it has. An anniversary is a great time to reflect and an opportunity to say thank you to our customers and partners. For me, the highlight has been working with our customers and partners to truly create great software together. There is something magic about building something as a team. PaperCut was founded on the vision of being a 100-year company. 25 years down, 75 to go.”


About PaperCut Software

Around the world, people continue to wrestle with printing costs and complexity – and PaperCut is solving both one workplace at a time. Since 1998, PaperCut has helped over 139 million users in 195 countries save over three billion pages of paper. Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes enjoy unbeatable control, security, and savings in their printing. Learn more at