Daphne Technology unveils a series of groundbreaking developments in PureMetrics™, empowering businesses to achieve carbon reduction goals.

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Daphne Technology unveils a series of developments and enhancements for their innovative PureMetrics™ solution.

To provide some context, PureMetrics™ stands as an advanced system designed to directly measure and report real-time GHG emissions. This approach eliminates the reliance on fuel consumption estimates, ensuring utmost accuracy and compliance with critical regulations such as the European Union Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (EU MRV) and International Maritime Organization Data Collection System (IMO DCS). Notably, PureMetrics™ achieved approval in principle from Lloyd’s Register in June 2023 at Nor-Shipping, further solidifying its position as a game-changing solution in emissions management.


Innovative Advancements

PureMetrics™ has been hard at work refining and expanding its capabilities to offer businesses an unparalleled solution for GHG emissions management. Following the successful commercialisation earlier this summer, the solution increases its value proposition and features to improve GHG transparency. Daphne’s dedicated team has been working tirelessly to position PureMetrics™ as a leading GHG emission monitoring, reporting and optimisation solution.


New Features: Reporting to MRV and DCR, GHG Optimisation, and more

PureMetrics™ continues to evolve with the integration of established systems for reporting and verification. Users can now benefit from reporting to MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) and DCR (Data Collection and Reporting) standards, ensuring compliance and transparency in emissions collection and reporting and enabling accurate estimation of the carbon intensity of goods transported by sea.

Daphne Technology is proud to release PureMetrics-Compare, which allows users to combine noon reporting fuel consumption with direct measurement against current factoring methods. This is of great benefit to users as they will assess the baseline of other emissions, such as methane slip, typically unknown to users and only known to engine makers. The feature provides users with the ability to align the period selection on a timeline. For maritime assets, users can also view the location of the assets and where the most emissions are present, either at port or sea, in a timeline or a heatmap.

Finally, PureMetrics-Optimize provides insights on the operational regimes of the machinery that contribute most GHG, positioning it as the go-to solution in the industry to select the best abatement and operational profile to minimise these emissions.


Pilot Installation on the Maran Gas Chios

Daphne Technology proudly announced the installation of its PureMetrics™ solution on the Maran Gas Chios earlier this autumn, marking a significant milestone. While still in the early stages of data collection, Daphne is confident that PureMetrics™ is on the cusp of revolutionising GHG emissions management in the maritime sector.

End of September, PureMetrics™ achieved a momentous milestone by being honoured with a joint third place in the Standardised Data Innovation Challenge (SDIC), organised by Smart Maritime Network and ClassNK – Nippon Kaiji Kyokai. Furthermore, Dr Mario Michan, Founder & CEO of Daphne Technology, was also selected as one of Switzerland’s Top 100 Digital Shapers of 2023.

They both reflect Daphne’s unwavering dedication to pioneering solutions with a specific focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a young company, these recognitions are highly significant as PureMetrics™ represents their first venture into the world of digital solutions and already making its stand.


Initial Customer Feedback and Continuous Enhancements

Initial feedback from the pilot installation has been positive, showcasing the clarity and precision of PureMetrics™ data. As PureMetrics™ is still at an early stage, Daphne is committed to continually enhancing the solution to meet customers’ evolving needs and provide an even more powerful tool for emissions reduction.


Exclusive Negotiations with Customers for Commercial Deployments

Daphne Technology is excited to announce that they are in exclusive negotiations with various customers for commercial deployments. This marks a significant step toward realising their mission of helping businesses reduce GHG emissions and meet their internal objectives.


Transparency, Accuracy, and Carbon Reduction

Daphne Technology remains committed to transparency and accuracy as it helps customers achieve their carbon reduction goals. Their mission is to provide businesses with the most powerful and innovative solution for reducing their carbon footprint.


Join Daphne Technology in Pioneering Change

As the world’s focus on sustainability intensifies, PureMetrics™ remains at the forefront, offering groundbreaking capabilities that help businesses optimise their GHG emissions and contribute to a greener future. Daphne invites all potential customers to experience the revolutionary power of PureMetrics™ and join them in pioneering change for a better tomorrow.