NIO: Developing a community around electric vehicles in China

NIO is always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible as an EV brand. From its desire to expand its market reach, to its innovative Power Swap Station, the company is leading the way.

As a pioneer in the premium smart electric vehicle market, NIO differentiates itself thanks to its continuous technological breakthroughs and innovations. It is a mindset they will carry into the future, as they look to launch an affordable range of compact cars to bring the EV to a wider audience.

Multinational video production house, TBD Media Group, is delighted to announce the launch of its A Moment With film with NIO. As a global smart electric vehicle company, they are well aware of the important role electric automobiles can play in the global effort to fight the climate emergency.

Taking part in the A Moment With campaign has allowed NIO to share details of how their innovative approach to electric vehicles and the community that has built up around them helps to differentiate them in the market.

TBD Media appreciates the value in notable businesses demonstrating the difference they are making across the world. In that regard, the film will offer tangible evidence of how NIO has targeted the installation of battery-swapping stations in 25 different countries and regions by 2025, in a move that will represent a considerable step forward for the electric vehicle market.

“At NIO our philosophy has always been to provide the best solution based on the needs of the customer. If you want to install a home charger, we will find a way to help you do that. If a home charger is not viable, we also have power swap stations to help you,” said William Li, the Chairman and CEO of NIO. “In fact, we always want to provide users with a recharging experience beyond refuelling.”

The film will also explore how NIO caters to their users long after they have purchased their NIO vehicle. Through their innovative NIO houses – that are situated across China, the company has generated a real sense of community, as they bring NIO users together through their communal NIO cafes, libraries, relaxation spaces and conference rooms.

NIO’s participation in this exciting series is a testament to what can be achieved when you go in pursuit of meaningful storytelling. It goes to show the value in not only creating environmentally friendly products but also a sense of community and alternative lifestyle around these societal changes.

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A Moment With: William Li – CBS News


Image credit: NIO